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Study smarter.... not harder

  • Jan 19 2017

The next version of the CPA Exam has been looming for a long time, and the official launch is now just months away. The changes effective April 1, 2017, will create an increased emphasis on higher order skills and make the exam more difficult overall. Unlike other review providers, Gleim CPA has always employed the proven teaching methods that address these skills. Our powerful new Smart CPA Review Course adapts to your review needs so you can study smarter and pass faster, all while developing the deep comprehension now required by the new exam.

The First and Only Smart CPA Review Course

We’ve adapted our previous course to the 2017 CPA Exam changes to produce a review system that adapts to you. As we’ve always taught to the levels of knowledge at which the CPA Exam will soon test, we have the experience needed to perfect CPA review and deliver a course that will prepare you better than anything else.

Our new CPA Review is powered by SmartAdaptTM technology. Unique to Gleim, SmartAdapt is an interactive review platform designed specifically for CPA candidates like you. It features a streamlined interface and delivers detailed performance analytics so that you can stay on top of your review progress. By assessing your knowledge levels and accommodating your learning preferences, SmartAdapt puts you on a direct path to passing the CPA Exam. As we’ve incorporated our efficient learning techniques and comprehensive exam coverage into the new SMART course, you can strengthen your weak areas while keeping previously mastered content fresh. SmartAdapt makes study sessions more productive than ever by strategizing and arranging your review for you. You just have to follow its lead. Watch the video heading this article to discover the steps SmartAdapt takes to optimize your CPA studies.

In order to further empower candidates to pass this upcoming iteration of the CPA Exam, we’ve done everything you would expect your CPA review provider to do, such as

  • Ensuring our practice questions cover all the representative tasks in the AICPA-provided CPA Exam Blueprints
  • Adding more challenging Task-Based Simulations and Document Review Simulations that test candidates at the analysis and evaluation levels of learning
  • Updating our Exam Rehearsal to follow the new format of the CPA Exam

Signature Gleim features are still staples of our new SMART course. These features include

  • Intuitive study planner: keeps you motivated by spotlighting your accomplishments and simplifying your agenda
  • Personal Counselors: supply exam support so you don’t have to take on the CPA Exam alone
  • Access Until You Pass® Guarantee: ensures that you’ll always study with the most up-to-date materials
  • Extreme exam emulation: allows you to practice under the most realistic exam conditions available and feel right at home with the CPA Exam
  • The largest test bank on the market: contains over 10,000 MCQs, TBSs, and WCs so you’re prepared for every type of exam question
  • Gleim Instruct Video Series: features over 100 hours of bite-sized professor-led lectures leading you through multiple-choice questions and real-world examples

The Leader in Accounting Exam Prep

Gleim has helped accountants pass over 1 million CPA exams, and with our new SMART course revolutionizing CPA review, we’re ready for our next success story to be yours. The new Gleim CPA Review Course will be released in February, so when you buy Gleim today, you’ll be upgraded to the new course for free! Learn more about Gleim CPA Review today, and join the millions who’ve succeeded with Gleim!

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