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  • Mar 08 2016

The training montage is a familiar sight in pop culture. The protagonist spends a minute doing push-ups or studying or running up stairs and is suddenly equipped to tackle a challenge that was previously out of arm’s reach.

It is an excellent narrative element but, unfortunately, not the way the world really works.

The CMA designation is the goal. The preparation required to achieve that goal is a lot of work, and a montage cannot get you there. A good playlist will help, though (try Gleim CMA Audio Lectures when you’re running up some stairs)!

If you are going to put in the work, start by putting yourself in the best position to succeed.

Put Gleim CMA in Your Corner

We’re here to help. Gleim created the very first CMA exam prep course in 1981. We have competed with other providers, but we continually come out on top.

Based on sales made to candidates preparing for and taking the CMA exam administered by the ICMA in the English language worldwide since 1981, we have trained more CMA candidates than any other course on the market.

It was a lot of hard work, but our reputation is only as good as our customers’ performance.

Put Our CMA Review to Work

Gleim offers candidates a learning system created by Dr. Gleim, who identified the best ways his students learned during his tenure as a distinguished accounting professor and applied them to creating detailed, thorough exam prep far superior to any movie montage.

Gleim CMA Review now features the Gleim Instruct Video Series for select Study Units. This series provides over 40 hours of in-depth video lectures by experienced professional educators who cover the most important test topics. They lead candidates step-by-step through multiple-choice questions and comprehensive examples to ensure complete coverage of complex issues.

We also offer the Gleim Mega Test Bank, which contains the most exam-emulating questions and essays available on the market, and a true Access Until You Pass® guarantee.

Even Rocky needed someone in his corner. You’ve got a whole team of Personal Counselors and Accounting Experts available to ensure your success! Begin your preparation for passing the CMA exam by learning more about Gleim CMA today.

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