The Premium Review System includes

The Largest Test Bank - Our bank of questions and simulations is the largest collection of sample problems available on the market. Our software also authentically emulates the exam environment and provides detailed answer explanations for both incorrect and correct answer choices.
Over 100 hours of detailed video lectures - The video lectures within the Gleim CPA Course cover the most important topics as provided by the AICPA's Content Specification Outlines (CSOs). They are led by a team of professors of accountancy and guide candidates step-by-step through multiple-choice questions and comprehensive examples.
Assistance from our Accounting Experts - Use our efficient and effective way to submit an inquiry when you come across a problem in the Gleim study materials you don't understand and receive a helpful response directly through your course.
Most authentic exam day emulation - Feel right at home on exam day! With our exam-emulating software, we accurately reflect what the exam will look and feel like so much that you will feel like you are just taking another practice quiz when you sit for your CPA exam at Prometric.
Access Until You Pass® Guarantee - You can study and put your mind at ease knowing that this no-hassle guarantee ensures your materials stay current throughout your studies.
Digital and physical copies of our books - Our books are broken up into small, comprehensible sections for maximum retention and contain comprehensive outlines and examples.
Audio Lectures - Study on the go! Use the Gleim Audio Lectures when and where it is convenient for you. You can stream or download the CPA lectures, which encourage auditory learning and include lectures of the most important concepts from the Gleim books.
Online Course - This microlearning platform is your main study tool in this guided, self-study review. It includes your interactive study planner, exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital book, and more, all while helping you review exam topics in concise yet comprehensive stages.

With the Gleim Premium CPA Review System, you will also receive access to your own mentor, a Personal Counselorwho will offer advice and assistance while you are studying for the exam. Through the interactive study planner included with this system, you will be able to customize the level of support from your Personal Counselor as well as track your performance and plan your studies based on your schedule and goals.

All components of the Gleim Premium CPA Review System are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet. Get access to the first study unit of the review system absolutely free now!

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